This Stamp-Sized Explosives Detector Stops Bombers From Going Postal

Dangerous times call for crafty innovations.  When it seems like all hell could break loose at any moment, it's nice to know that somewhere, unseen tiny detectors are keeping you safe from the unimaginable horror of a random explosive detonation...

If only we could someday put this guy out of a job...
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According to, a new type of wireless explosive detector is in development, and it's only the size of a postage stamp.  Using RFID technology in the same manner that other battery-free devices do, the wireless chips are programmed to send special signals if they come into certain oxidizing agents or explosive materials.

Created by GE Global Research in association with the Technical Support Working Group (TSWG, a multi-agency anti-terror initiative), the device is poised to replace larger, more noticeable and cumbersome scanners with the small stamps.  The devices would cost about a nickle and could be easily deployed anywhere, discreetly and diversely.  Schools, cargo docks, airports and other areas requiring heightened security could implement their usage with ease.

The sensing material (in white) can lay dormant for years, but springs into action when danger is near.
(Image courtesy GE Global Research.)

GE's proprietary technology that contributed to this invention is a secret, but they confirm that the chips do contain “a sensing material that responds to explosives and oxidizers” and that the chips are "quite sensitive." While their range is short (only up to a few dozen feet at max), the price and accuracy of the sensors mean they could easily canvas any particularly issue-prone areas.

With commercialization of the device still requiring a few years' time, we'll still have to remain vigilant for violent offenders.  However, should this technology take off, perhaps the overbearing ministrations of our Homeland Security forces (and others) would no longer have to be wrought upon millions of innocent citizens.

Sorry to ruin the fun, paramilitary pervs, but this really is getting to be overkill.
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