Caffeine Fiends And Chocoholics, The Holy Grail Has Been Found

Sustainable energy is pretty sweet.  Soon, for at least one innovation, that will be literally true...

This is about to be real.  Deal with it.
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Even if you're not a fan of Kentucky Fried Chicken, you have to appreciate their commitment to helping the environment.  Maybe not helping your health, but at least, caring enough to deplete the amount of styrofoam getting released into the wild as waste.  How?  Delicious edible coffee cups.

According to Time magazine (yes, you read that correctly), this treat of Wonka-esque proportions is indeed real, and KFC is actually trying to heal the world (and/or sell a ton of coffee) by slinging java in cups made from pressed wafers, lined with heat-resistant white chocolate and sealed with sugar paper.  The coffee they'll contain is also no slouch - Starbucks' brand "Seattle's Best Coffee."

Who cares what it looks like.  It's a vessel of chocolate, sugar, and coffee.
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Brandy Wright, a member of the design team, was quoted in the New York Times (yes, you read that right too) regarding this environmental / edible breakthrough. Ms. Wright extolled how the cups were made to delight users' palates and memories with “things that make everyone smile" via an additional imbued scent, smelling of “Coconut Sun Cream,” “Freshly Cut Grass” and “Wild Flowers.” All that and a cup of coffee?  That's worth waking up to.

These magical chalices of chocolate and dreams will debut in the UK this year.  Send us a cuppa, British friends!

From the company that's known to take overkill over the top, this is yet another fascinating foray.
But at least you can say you're saving the planet.
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