On The Fly: "World's Smallest Aircraft" Seeking To Launch Later This Year

If you thought the electric unicycle that we wrote about last week was cool, wait until you see this new prototype portable flying device...

It's the love child of a Segway and a Hovercraft.
(Image courtesy pinterest.com.)

Never be bored, thanks to the Airboard.
(Image courtesy indiegogo.com.)

It's called the Airboard and it's designed to be an all-terrain version of the classic Hoverboard.  According to howitworksdaily.com, the Airboard is powered by four high-speed electric motors and is controlled by the user leaning their weight in the desired direction of travel.

The electric motors would enable travel over many kinds of terrain, allowing the Airboard to be used for everything from recreation to search and rescue.  Hailed as "the world's smallest manned aircraft", at 180 cm in length and 150 cm in height, it's even adaptable enough to fold up and fit in the trunk of your car, so you can take it on adventures anywhere (assuming it comes to fruition and actually works, that is.  You never know with that crazy future.)

Flip, flop, and fly!
(Image courtesy thecreatorsproject.vice.com.)

According to their indiegogo website, the Airboard is controlled by an Intel chip and Bluetooth, which gives the advantages of an onboard gyroscope, accelerometer, GPS and compass, all compatible with your smartphone or tablet via the Airboard remote app.  A ground control sensor maintains a constant float-height, with a cruising altitude of 1.5 meters while in "safety mode."

Unlike the inflatable sled, electric skateboard or clunky-looking hovercraft of the same name, the Airboard is a sleek, stylish way to fly, and if their support goals are reached, it could be yours by the end of this year.  Here's hoping it's a smooth flight to reality so that someday soon we can declare, "All aboard the Airboard!"

Eat your heart out, Segway.
(Image courtesy technabob.com.)

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