On The Road Again? Never Lose Power Thanks To New "SmartBackpack"

Let's face it, electronic gadgets govern huge swaths of our modern lives.  Try going a day without your cellphone.  Think about the horror of hitting the gym without your trusty mp3 player.  And of course, the ubiquity of tablets and e-readers has now made them indispensable as well.  So, how do you keep them all powered for hours?

According to wired.com, a new wearable battery charger/backpack is the nomadic, stylish answer for how to induce the juice.  Equipped with an onboard charger that's capable of powering up your phone, camera, or even laptop, the AMPL SmartBackpack has got you covered.  Capable of charging multiple devices at once, an OLED screen informs you of progress, as well as weather conditions that may be a hindrance to you or your tech toys.  This intel can also be sent to your smartphone via an app (of course.)

Neglect none of your devices thanks to the SmartBackpack.
(Image courtesy indiegogo.com.)

A hierarchy of charging can be established so that more important devices juice up first.  At maximum output, the SmartBackpack offers 147 Wh of charge.  The modular batteries inside can be removed and used individually, or the entire backpack itself can be plugged into a wall socket to re-up its own power.

Currently engaged in an indiegogo.com campaign for development, the SmartBackpack will be for sale at $225 in pre-production, and $250 later in 2015.  It might be pricey for a backpack, but it's invaluable for today's tech gypsies who crave constant connectivity.  And maybe you can recoup some of the expense by renting out your power to electronically-estranged folks who planned their battery life badly.

Workaholics, your dreams have come true.
(Image courtesy ampl-labs.com.)

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