Send In The Drones: New "Drone Circus" To Open In Amsterdam

You may have heard that finding crazy and interesting things to do and see in Amsterdam is easy.  Now, it just got a little more intriguing...a circus where the performers are all drones is set to open this year.

According to the Guardian, the myriad freedoms held by the Dutch also include using drones for fun, not surveillance.  The AIR 2015 show, run in cooperation with the Royal Netherlands Air Force, will feature hundreds of drones doing tricks, implementing flashy lighting displays, projections, music, video, and other special effects.

 Try enjoying some of Amsterdam's famed psychotropics before attending this.  Whoa.
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"AIR allows you to experience a variety of ballet and battles, races and lasers, circus, illusions and most of all magic from hundreds of drones,” promoter Fjuze enthused.

Battles AND ballet?  Awesome.  Much like a similar Disney initiative for using drones in performance, this is a great way to show off how some of our most possibly-insidious technology can be re-purposed for human entertainment (though if companies start flying them with ads, that's not going to be cool at all.)  Tight restrictions in the US and UK make inappropriate drone use on home soil a difficult task (no flying outside of the operator's line of sight, to begin with), which is certainly for the best.  And now, in Amsterdam, what's within that line of sight is going to look really cool.

Email notifications for the show can be set up via the AIR 2015 website.  The event page notes the novelty of the multifaceted drone displays, exclaiming, "This show reaches a new level in entertainment where visitors will be immersed into 3D effects instead of standard 2D experience, proving that innovation is sensational and nothing is impossible!"

No date has yet been set for the event, but a promotional video makes the magic of the machines look like something out of the further future, let alone sometimes in 2015.  "No artists,  no stages"?  No problem!

Warning: may trigger strong emotions in UFO abduction survivors.
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