Reznor Helms New Beats 1 Radio Launch; Brings Listeners Closer To God

And you can have it all.  His empire of...well, a lot more than dirt.  Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor wants to help music fans find new artists to aurally appreciate, as well as enjoy classics, with the new Beats 1 radio program by Apple...

Despite previous claims, his intent is neither to let you down, nor to make you hurt.
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Prize In The Skies: Solar Plane Set To Cross Pacific, Break World Record

With solar technological innovations progressing every day, and with powerful supporters claiming it will be the energy of our future, solar power is rapidly eclipsing all that oil has to offer.  Now, a solar-powered plane is poised to make history, if only it can keep the lights on to cross the Pacific...

Could there be a bright future in store for solar planes?  The Solar Impulse 2 will help find out!
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Space Station Sunday: "Space Is Hard"

Good afternoon, space fans!  It's been a difficult day for spacefaring, but rocket science rocks on...

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly tweeted this image of the SpaceX rocket explosion as seen from above,
along with text including, "Space is hard."
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Nothing to Hide: Privacy and Surveillance in New York City

"If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to be afraid of." This is perhaps the most well known slogan of anti-privacy advocates and would-be totalitarians the world over. At one and the same time, this simple statement both criminalizes the practice of privacy while excusing some of the most heinous attacks on the rights and liberties of individuals by governments and corporations.

Of course, the notion that "if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to be afraid of" is absurd on its face, at least in any society that is predicated upon the civilizational principle separating the public and private spheres. Perhaps the simplest way to undermine this dangerous idea is to ask some rather simple questions of those who espouse it. For example: What is your name? What is your Social Security Number? What is your bank account number? What is the password to your main email account?

Recently, we decided to head out onto the streets of New York City with actor and comedian Adrian Sexton to ask folks if they agreed with the statement "if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to be afraid of." And if they answered in the affirmative, we then asked them to provide us with rather sensitive information. Some of the replies were rather surprising. Check it out below:

Know Your Joe: New App For Coffee Connoisseurs

In today's busy, bustling world, few things fuel you faster than a nice cup (or carafe) of coffee.  Iced, spiced, black, blonde, it doesn't matter as long as it does the job.  Now, there's a new app to help you learn more about the world's greatest caffeinated creation...

This may be true, but you can still do a damned decent home-brew...
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Who Would Jesus Watch? New Facial Recognition Software Tracks Church Attendance

Oh, god.  As if it weren't "bad" enough in the eyes of The Most High that your lapsed morals caused you to skip church on Sunday to be a brunch-munching heathen or false-idolater football fan, now you've also been computer.

The lord doesn't always work in mysterious ways...sometimes it's just computers and cameras.
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Want A Better Future? This Break-Up App Might Help...

When Paul Simon wrote his classic song, "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover" back in 1975, smartphones had yet to be invented.  However, had he written it recently, he could have included a line to the effect of, "Just tap on the app, Chap..." as one of the means of easily escaping a failed romance...

Granted, breakups have been brutal throughout all of recorded history...
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A Kick In The Astroturf: Amazon Trounces Fake Online Reviews With AI

You might love the internet, but you probably don't trust the internet.  With all manner of scams from impostors faking cute pictures on dating sites, to robots faking comments on popular blogs, the skullduggery is ceaseless.  Now, Amazon aims to use artificial intelligence to take down one of the worst offenders against our online honor...fake product reviews.

The truth will set you free.  Everything else will set you up for something crazy.
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Space Station Sunday: Eyes And The Dragon

Good afternoon, space fans!  Here’s what was up, up in orbit this week...

Just space things.
(Image courtesy Terry Virts.)

Watch Out: Apple Watch 2.0 Already In The Works

Time flies, and technological pertinence flies with it.  Since the launch of the much-lauded Apple Watch brought the fans out in force for the treasured timepieces this year, it has been revealed that Apple is already working on their new-and-improved 2016 model.

Ready for round two, Apple lovers?
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Let My People Browse: “Lifeline” Program Brings Internet To Low-Income Families

The internet has helped to level the field of knowledge for human beings worldwide, but those whose finances have prevented them from surfing the wild waves of the web shouldn’t have to suffer.  Now, thanks to a new ruling, low-income American families will be subsidized to provide them with access to all that the world-wide web has to offer...

Of course, this is assuming they have internet-enabled computers...
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FALL IN LOVE, CITIZEN! New State-Run Iranian Dating Service Demands Romance

With birth rates declining and singles growing ever older, the nation of Iran felt it needed a boost in the developing-world department.  And what better way to grow as a people than to coerce them into procreation via a state-run dating network?

Likes: longs walks in the desert, not talking too much, and being submissive to religious law...
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Let's Have A Big Hand For The Gesture Vocalizer!

With all the avenues of communication available to human beings these days, it's hard to imagine that there could be a demographic that still finds trouble getting their ideas across.  Yet, this is just the problem that deaf people have when trying to "talk" to people that don't understand sign language.  Now, thanks to four enterprising young engineers in India, this language barrier can be broken down...

A rudimentary version of the Gesture Vocalizer.
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A Bridge To The Future: 3-D Printing Robots To Build Metal Footbridge Over Amsterdam Canal

The projects that 3-D printers are now capable of undertaking are vast, from organs to garments to housing.  The architectural aspects are proving to be fascinating new ways of creating structures, including some that might not be cost-effective or even physically feasible for humans to similarly construct...

Bots building beauty...coming soon!
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Space Station Sunday: 84 Million Miles; Home

Good afternoon, space fans!  It was a strikingly successful week in space.

Don't mind the fire, they're fine.
(Image courtesy Ingalls.)

Ad Asstra Per Aspera: Will Space-Based Pornography Blast Off?

For everyone who has ever marveled at the sight of a rocket launch, or enjoyed the victorious thrill of watching a moon landing or spacewalk, we know that the excitement of space travel is deeply ingrained in the human psyche.  Even just checking out pictures from space (or reading Space Station Sunday) can encapsulate some of that enticement.  Now, the spirit of space adventure and another popular pasttime - porn consumption - are teaming up to go where no man (and woman) have gone before.

Like it or not, these two may make some very hot history.
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Computerized Couture: New 3-D Printer Creates Clothing

It's a fast-paced world in modern times, one in which it's easy to lose your shirt.  Fortunately, the future has some fashion sense, and a new 3-D printer is ready to deliver it straight to you, sans stores or shopping.

Futuristic tank tops, just in time for all the global warming!
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Tech Vs. Wrecks: New System Prevents Drunk Driving Before It Can Happen

While we await the arrival of the luxurious, robotically-chauffeured self-driving cars of the future (even if they can be hacked), engineers are still looking to improve on our current driving methods.  Now, plans to curtail drunk-driving have joined forces with the unstoppable progress of science...

Make all the bad decisions you want, just not in a vehicle.
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Space Station Sunday: A Record, A Rescue, And A Return

Good evening, space fans!  Its been another week of scientific spectacularity about the ISS.  Here's what's up!

And we all shine on...
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A Spark Of Brilliance: Nanoparticles Can Stimulate, Heal Brain Via Electromagnetic Fields

The human brain can be stimulated in many ways, but it's top-shelf fuel of choice is electricity.  Now, thanks to tiny nanoparticles that can interact with neurons, the possibilities for tuning the brain to optimal operational standards is possible...

A magnetic mind is a beautiful thing.
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Hacking Health: IV Pumps Can Be Remotely Reset To Cause Overdose

Last week we pondered the troubles of hacking a self-driving car.  Unsavory for sure, and a nasty way to go, but something that could possibly be thwarted with a manual override via steering wheel (surely those won't get phased out completely, right?)  However, what happens when the hack doesn't mess with your automotive ride, but rather your physical one?

An unlikely accomplice to chaos...
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Good afternoon, space fans!  Don't worry, we only got a little bit abducted by aliens.  Sorry for the delay, but Space Station Sunday will appear tomorrow morning right here.  In the meantime stay tuned for more aGupieWare awesomeness!

Trash Talking: New "Intelligent" Garbage Can Scans Labels, Makes Shopping Lists

While many people laud the idea of the Internet of Things, there are just some objects that should remain unconnected to the world in general.  Namely, your trash bin...the last thing you want sending you status updates.

"Did you get my friend request?"
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Countdown To Liftoff: Virgin Galactic Claims Space Tourism Will Commence In Two Years Or Less

With SpaceX successfully ferrying cargo to the International Space Station on the regular, and space tourism plans from Russia well in the works, the world's financial elite are starting to slaver over the speculation of a vacation in space.  Virgin Galactic have now thrown in their spacesuit-gauntlet, claiming they will be actively operating outside of the atmosphere in as little as two years.

These are what spacesuit gauntlets look like, BTW.
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Screen Cuisine: New App To Count Calories Via Food Photos

If you're like most of the cyber-connected world, chances are that you've photographed and shared an image of some interesting food at one point or another.  Don't worry, it's normal, especially when you encounter a turducken in the wild.  Now, a new app may be able to not only show off your culinary crusades, but also inform you of just how many calories that triple-decker bacon cake contains...

"According to Im2Calories, you should probably only eat the letter 'A' today."  -your phone, soon.
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Smack That (Sunlight Into Solar Panels): Akon To Open School For Solar Energy

Pop stars spend their cash and fame in a lot of interesting ways, but only a small percentage of them do so for a world-changing greater cause.  Now, the artist Akon has announced that he will be using his influence to help an entire continent, by building a school for solar energy in Africa.

Using star power to literally harness star power!
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Hackseat Driver: Will Autonomous Cars Be Too Susceptible To E-Intruders?

Hackers love taking on the challenge of manipulating technology that is supposed to be beyond any outsider's control.  This can cause havoc on computers, phones, and other devices...but what happens when a hacker targets a self-driving car?

Could hackers take you and your car for a joyride?
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