Space Station Sunday: Tests, Telescopes, and Twins

Good evening, space fans!  Here's what was up on the ISS this week.

Space problems:  getting photobombed by the moon.
(Image courtesy Scott Kelly /

Martian Monday: New NASA Rocket Engine Test A Success

Humanity is becoming ever-more ready for the Red Planet, and now, NASA has taken yet another small step that could end up profoundly propelling mankind...

Mobility for Mars:  the RS-25 gets some practice.
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Space Station Sunday: Parking, Plants, And Perseids

Good afternoon, space fans!  Here's all the best news from orbit this week.

Check out some rockin' space rocks hurtling through the sky during this month's
Perseid Meteor Shower.
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Harden Up From The Garden Up: Robot Lawn Mower Reports For Duty

Eventually, nearly everything is going going to be outsourced to robots.  Deal with it.  In the meantime, allow them to deliver the domesticity, with a new Roomba-styled lawnmower-bot...

Good for 5,400 square feet of grass massacre (grassacre?)
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iTinerant iSores: New App Helps New Yorkers Dodge "Homeless Hotspots"

It's no secret that our technology has surpassed our humanity.  Now, a new aspect of technology will help you literally pass right on by the elements of humanity that you'd rather not see...

Not exactly the best kind of Victoria's Secret model.
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Martian Monday: Get Curious With New Rover Simulator And "Mars Trek" Program

With all the talk of space crabs and ghost ladies inhabiting Mars these days, perhaps you'd like to indulge more of your own curiosity about what's really happening on the Red Planet.  Now, your curiosity can be satiated with...well, Curiosity.

No, you don't have to hack the rover...NASA has combined all of its data for your pioneering perusal!
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Space Station Sunday: Snacks In The Stars

Good evening, space fans!  Here's what was up on the ISS this week.

Space gardening is taking off: an illustration of future advancements
for the space station's lettuce-growing lab experiment.
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Nice Idea, But...Beer. New Bike-Lock Breathalyzer Probably Won't Stop Your Sauced-Up Spin

Breathalyzers on cars can help to save lives and avert major accidents.  Breathalyzers elsewhere...well, it's a nice idea, at least.

Thanks for looking out for us, but buzzed biking is the bomb.
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Let It Bleed: Nanotech To Curtail Blood Clots

If you've just had a heart attack or stroke, you don't want to have to be worried about the subsequent risk of blood clots (a.k.a VTEs or venous thromboembolisms.)  Now, technology could treat the issue with targeted nanoparticles that bust up the blood clots...

Futurism fights fatalities: drug-bundled nano-particles can seek and destroy blood clots.
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Happaratus: New "Disruptive" Power Glove For Smoother Sculpting

Many people think that the best confluence of art and technology is digitally-aided, as in a video game, or computer-animated illustrations.  However, technology can still remain digital - in this case, on your digits - and still help create amazing artwork.

It's a helping hand unlike any other.
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Holograms To Hold: New Ways Of Visualizing Light In 3-D

If you like science fiction, you probably enjoy a good 3-D hologram. Now, thanks to a little bit of crafty engineering plus your smartphone, you too can make a hologram that would be worthy of any starship’s bridge or R2-unit’s display.

Get the whole word in your hands with these computer-generated holograms!
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Space Station Suntory: Japanese Whisking Whiskey Up To ISS

Good afternoon, space fans!  We know it's a day after our usual ISS posts, but this one was worth an extra article.

Will whiskey sent into orbit get you spacefaced?
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Space Station Sunday: Blue Moon, Multicolored Earth

Good evening, space fans!  Here's what was up on the ISS this week.

Friday night's blue moon, as captured by astronaut Scott Kelly from the ISS.
You can learn more about blue moons here, thanks to NASA.
(Image courtesy Scott Kelly /