Google's Green Growth: Search Engine Has Renewables In Their Tank

Google is absolutely not planning to hit the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button in regards to hoping the world's environmental problems will turn out alright.  The company has announced that they will triple their purchase of clean energy over the next ten years.

It takes a lot of fuel to answer all the world's questions.
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Eyes In The Sky That Pry Via Wifi: Malware-Injecting Drones Swoop In To Spy

Hackers, in an ever-escalating bid to stymie security, have teamed up with an arm of one of the world's leading aerospace companies to create computer-death from above...

As usual, we're sure this is all to "protect your freedom"...
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No Artificial-Intelligence Armies, Implore Already-Intelligent Humans

Well, here we are, citizens of the future.  Our planet's greatest minds have had to band together and openly, prominently state that artificial intelligence shouldn't be used for warfare.  That's where we're at.

Eventually, we'd make "The Terminator" look like a toy.
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Space Station Sunday: Six Men And A Spacebase

Good afternoon, space fans!  It's been another special week in space!

Another lovely, for some equally excellent experiments in space!
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Surrealism From A Search Engine: Google's "Deep Dream" System Now An App

If you like perusing weird things on the internet, you may have recently seen that Google's artificial neural networks have been allowed to run rampant and "dream" up combinations of images.  These creepy/cool composites are now available for anyone, if you can handle the ride...

Androids may dream of electric sheep, but Google dreams of art gone awry...
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To Have And To Hold And To Hack: Cheaters' Website Info Held Hostage

Cheating on your spouse is probably a really bad idea.  Cheating on your spouse and leaving a cyber trail which will be inevitably hackable seems like you're just asking to get caught...

This gets even worse when your wife learns the person on the left is a dude...
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But Does It Go To Eleven? Marshall Set To Launch Smartphone

They're known by musicians and music fans worldwide for their impeccable attention to sound quality, and soon, you could have a Marshall in your your phone!

Be a monster of rock...AND call your mom.  What a nice device.
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The Beast In The Yeast: Beer-Byproduct Biofuel

With all of the waste products our society creates, why not put some of them to use as fuel?  It's already working for french-fry-oil vehicles, so why not use a material that's also awesomely abundant, thanks to our love of beer?

Friends DO let friends drive cars fueled by beer.
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Space Station Sunday: Meet NASA's First Commercial Crew

Good afternoon, space fans!  Here's some more of the best for the ISS.

Someday, when civilians are chilling in SpaceX space station pods, these pictures will be on the wall.
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Oh Japan, that noble bastion of racing headlong into the future, no matter how weird it might be.  While the rest of the world secretly frets about eventually being displaced by robots, the Japanese not only take it in stride, but make it look stylish.  Example #9,217:  a robotically-staffed hotel.

There's a lot less chrome and claws than we imagined.
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Found By Sound: Kidnapper Located Via Spotify Sign-Ons

The information superhighway has a lot of vehicles on it, and you might be followed without even realizing it.  Such was the case with one woman who thought she could escape the law, but didn't count on the law looking in on what she listened to, and where...

If Bonnie and Clyde here are jamming Spotify while fleeing the law,
they're gonna get caught!
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Lo-Fi Love: Classic Camera Configuration + Smartphone = Art?

As smartphone cameras increase in capability, some pretty cool video imagery has captured the public eye.  Now, thanks to a fun "throwback"-style invention, you can bring some of the style of classic cameras to your modern movies...

That's an iPhone 6 inside there, because the future is awesome.
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Hear The World: Listen To Top Tracks From Different Countries With "Music Globe 3D" App

Are you a music fan that likes branching out beyond not just genres, but national interests?  Now, with the help of a new app, you can travel the world via your ears...

You can still feel like a rockstar on tour, even if you're neither of those things.
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Rad Moon Rising: European Space Agency Chief Wants A Moon Colony

With all the notions (sometimes literally) flying around about humanity's expansion onto Mars, it can be easy to forget that we still have a lot of open real estate right in Earth's backyard.  Now, the head of the European Space Agency ponders the pros and cons of building a base on the moon...

Ok, maybe the palm trees will take a while...we still love the idea.
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Space Station Sunday: Expeditions And Experiments

Good evening, space fans!  Here's what was happening in low earth orbit last week.

"Earth without art is just 'eh.'" -Astronaut Scott Kelly
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Not Just Your Imagination: New Neural Networks Accomplish Tasks Together

They say that if a hundred monkeys were put in the same room and forced to type, eventually they'd write the works of Shakespeare.  But what if the monkeys had neural augmentation devices that allowed their brains to team up to tackle the project together?  Could they manage to outdo even the Bard?

Hook it up and book it up!
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Goals, Not Coal: Energy-Harvesting Soccer Ball Illuminates Impoverished Lives

As the world (rightly) shifts away from dependence on fossil fuels and begins to cultivate new avenues of obtaining energy, it seems the sky is the limit for innovative ideas.  However, by "sky", we don't mean that solar has to be the sole rock 'n roller of the possibilities.  Watch how a small company has provided help to impoverished areas with a sustainable source of portable, playful power...

Even if you don't like sports, this is pretty cool.
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Fetching Fido: Canine Facial Recognition App Helps Find Lost Dogs

Not all facial recognition systems are for spying on you, or for ratting you out when you don't go to church.  Sometimes, just sometimes, the system can be of use.  Particularly, when it doesn't focus on people...

"Don't worry, ma'am.  We'll find him.  If not by sniff, then the internet."
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New GoPro Camera Arrives; Ski Season Can't Show Up Fast Enough

They've already become their own advertisement, product, and terminology, and now GoPro is adding another cool camera to its line of sporty, sturdy tech toys...

Sure it's cute, but how well does it shoot?
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Glory Feed: New Christian-Themed Social Media Site Launches

If you feel that you're being set upon by the devil when you see scandalous images appear on your social networks, maybe it's time to go with god and ascend to a higher form of Facebook.  For the holy who like to keep in touch, the new "FaceGloria" network exists...

Every time you post a selfie while boozing, you end up in a lower circle of hell.
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Space Station Sunday: Supply Success!

Good afternoon, space fans!  Here's what was up on the ISS this week.

No explosions, other than the ones necessary for launch, took place this time.
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Bullets, Bomb Blasts, and Barbeque: Top Tech For Independence Day!

Alright, look.  It's the 4th of July weekend in America right now, and we are gonna celebrate some freedom in the manner that befits us best...mayhem.

America the Beautiful...bless it with fire!
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Rad Habits: New App To Aid Small-Scale Scheduling For Self-Improvement

Do you need to be reminded/guilt-tripped into maintaining healthy habits, but don't want to have to ask your friends and loved ones to publicly shame you?  No worries...a new app can keep you on task, and to the rest of the world you'll actually appear to have motivation.

The sticky notes aren't enough to save your slackadaisical self, and you know it.
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Gliders From Mars: New Prototype Aircraft To Analyze Red Planet

While Mars One has gone suspiciously silent about their gambit to land on the Red Planet, NASA has been working all the while to plot a mission that will, you know, actually work.  Their latest plan to scan the Martian terrain to find some suitable digs for human adventurers now includes an outstandingly-observant glider plane...

Between the orbiters, rovers, and this new boomerang-drone, we'll have much of Mars mapped out.
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