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Death To...Death? Science Aims To Use Stimuli, Lasers, And Stem Cells To Rip Off The Grim Reaper

To those of you who don't harbor a nigh-unquenchable thirst for the void, the subject of using modern technology and medicine to "reanimate" the human brain after death is a tempting one.  While death has long been looked upon as a very definite end to existence (or at least the road to reincarnation in another), now, some serious initiatives are underway to change that...

Someday, you might be able to reboot your whole existence.
If you're into that sort of thing.
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Red Picket Fences: Will Your Martian Apartment Be 3-D Printed?

Barring any massive mistakes in the next two decades or so, humanity is going to Mars.  It's very well within reason to suspect that some of the readers of this article -maybe even you, prospective pioneering Martian! - could be taking a one-way ticket off of Earth, permanently.  So, you know, you've got to start seriously planning for how cool your Martian digs are going to look.

It's actually way roomier than what's similarly priced in Manhattan.
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Super News For Supersonic Flight: NASA's Working On A New Prize For The Skies

It's been an exciting week for aerospace!  Yesterday, astronaut Scott Kelly and cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko returned from 340 days on the International Space Station, Virgin Galactic announced their new space plane just a few days previous, and on Monday, the world got a very special Leap Day present indeed:  news that a new NASA-commissioned plane could, in a few years, be leaping wide oceans in a single, supersonic bound...

NASA's on a speculative supersonic spin...
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"Terminator" Technology, Incubator Effects: Cyber-sperm to the Rescue!

The process of conception is theoretically a straightforward initiative, but like many of the best of human efforts, sometimes it just doesn't work out.  While some of the ever-escalating population of 7 billion people worldwide might not consider the lack of more children a problem, the fact remains that the process of procreation is biologically hardwired in many...and if the usual efforts fail, now they can be technologically stimulated as well.

It's not wearing a cute little scarf...that's a high-tech sperm guidance system!
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That Time We Almost Built A Death Star

If you've been following this blog for a while, you know that we're fans of crazy weapons (especially on vehicles, from trucks to planes), stuck on "Star Wars", and definitely devoted to all sorts of stuff in space.  However, the confluence of all three is something truly spectacular...had it ever been invented...

This, except huge, and in space.  But someone had a bad feeling about it...

Freedom For Threesomes: New App Finds Hookups à Trois

Everyone's heard of (or been involved in) an online romance that, despite the impersonal initial interface, works out for the best. Now, you can use an app to add to such notions of a little extra...

Get extra cozy this winter.
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Not Just Your Imagination: New Neural Networks Accomplish Tasks Together

They say that if a hundred monkeys were put in the same room and forced to type, eventually they'd write the works of Shakespeare.  But what if the monkeys had neural augmentation devices that allowed their brains to team up to tackle the project together?  Could they manage to outdo even the Bard?

Hook it up and book it up!
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Bullets, Bomb Blasts, and Barbeque: Top Tech For Independence Day!

Alright, look.  It's the 4th of July weekend in America right now, and we are gonna celebrate some freedom in the manner that befits us best...mayhem.

America the Beautiful...bless it with fire!
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We've Had An Orbiting Nuke In Space For 50 Years. Deal With It.

Uh...please don't freak out about this?

No seriously, promise you won't be weird about it?

Okay.  Happy 50th birthday to our orbiting nuclear reactor.

It's weird how 1960s ads make everything seem fun.
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Will The Force(field) Be With Us? Boeing Patents An Electromagnetic Shield

Shields have been the companion to swords since time immemorial...across numerous fields of war and peace, many will claim that the best offense is a good defense.  Now, Boeing has thrown down (and up, and sideways) on this notion, and patented an electromagnetic force field.

This is part of the actual patent.  How awesome is that?
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Mini-Black Holes? Extra Dimensions? CERN Has An Exciting Week Ahead

Ever (ever) wonder (wonder) about (about) parallel (parallel) universes (universes)?  We might learn a whole lot more about them after a new round of experiments at CERN this week...

Smashing atoms, looking smashing.
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