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'Ey, I'm Filmin' Here! Comedian Charles Goonan's New "Tune In To Goonan" Show Rips Reality, TV, And Reality TV

Reality can be tough to take.  But as comedian and aspiring superstar Charles Goonan is about to learn, reality SHOWS can be even crazier...

Reality will never be the same.
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New GoPro Camera Arrives; Ski Season Can't Show Up Fast Enough

They've already become their own advertisement, product, and terminology, and now GoPro is adding another cool camera to its line of sporty, sturdy tech toys...

Sure it's cute, but how well does it shoot?
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Euthanizing Youtube: Security-Testing Hacker Discovers Ultimate "Delete" Button

What if you had computer hacking skills of such astonishing power, you could bring an entire lane of the information superhighway to a screeching halt?  What would you do with your great and terrible force?  This week, one man was faced with this fascinating decision...

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Believe The Hyperlapse: New App To Smooth Out GoPro Videos For Maximum Cool Viewing

For adventurous videographers everywhere, the GoPro is a thing of beauty.  The compact, tough little cameras operate in a variety of crazy environments - even underwater or hurtling through the air - and the high-def videos serve as souvenirs like no other of your excellent exploits.  Unfortunately, your gnarly ski vids end up looking a little TOO gnarly thanks to the shaking inherent to all of your extreme activity.  Thankfully, Microsoft is working on a software solution to this issue.

According to, a new app is in development to help smooth out your shots and gives your home movie a "hyperlapse" real movie feel.  This works by an algorithm analyzing your original trajectory, then restitching and blending the frames together to create a more fluid appearance.  "Hyperlapse" refers to the smoothed-out version of time lapse videos - a.k.a. the sped-up versions of your adventures that make the action move more swiftly, and now, not at the expense of watchability.  The technology is currently in development for a new app for Windows.

Learn more and check out some spectacular stabilized footage at

So even if you're attacked by sharks during a dive, you'll still look chill.

Windowless Planes To Provide Amazing High-Res Views?

If you like flying so much that you can't bear to be away from the window seat, there may be an exciting new technological breakthrough you'll enjoy. A new design for a windowless airplane that recreates scenery in high definition inside the airplane cabin could revolutionize how you see the skies.

Technicon, a Parisian design company, has drawn accolades for their new IXION Windowless Plane Concept. Using exterior-mounted cameras, a 360-view of what's going on outside your aircraft could be displayed in glorious high-def for your in-flight entertainment.

According to, design director Gareth Davies explained, “The ethos of the project is simple, to challenge current thinking, and propose something a little different, but not just a fantasy. It has to be credible and relevant, yet provoke discussion.”

Amorphous solar panels on a windowless fuselage would help to power the displays. The imagery itself could be anything - your flight over Kansas could magically become a leisurely lift over the Hawaiian islands, or even space-based scenes. Parallax balance technology could allow for separate viewing screens, if you absolutely HAD to watch some boring business presentation during your amazing all-seeing excursion.

While this is still a concept in development for the private planes of the future, it's nice to know that even something as awesome as flying can still get even better.

Wonder Woman has the right idea.

And The Rockets' Red Glare: Drone Flown Through Fireworks

Did the Fourth of July fireworks get rained/hurricaned out in your town? No worries, videographer Jos Stiglingh took his drone and GoPro camera for a spin through the sparks.

As reported by, Stiglingh used a DJI Phantom II drone mounted with a GoPro Hero 3 Silver camera to capture the fireworks in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Nice to see an alternative (but still patriotic) use for drone technology!

Rumors: Spotify Setting Up Streaming Video Service

From Business Insider:
Spotify, the on-demand music service, is planning a major change.  According to two sources briefed on the company's plans, Spotify intends to become an on-demand music and video service – one that would invest in original content and compete heads-on with Netflix.  Ultimately, Spotify's metamorphosis would also put it into competition with content creators and providers such as HBO.