'Ey, I'm Filmin' Here! Comedian Charles Goonan's New "Tune In To Goonan" Show Rips Reality, TV, And Reality TV

Reality can be tough to take.  But as comedian and aspiring superstar Charles Goonan is about to learn, reality SHOWS can be even crazier...

Reality will never be the same.
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Goonan, a comedian from Brooklyn, NY, plans to launch a youtube series that takes a hard look at the lifestyle of the aspiring rich and not-exactly famous.  When granted the opportunity to create a reality show, Goonan takes it upon himself to recruit talent (which, in New York, is a much more brutal process than one might imagine), popularize his production (outright vicious in these days of DIY), and try to maintain a level head around all his suddenly somehow demeanable friends.

Check out the trailer video!
Or are you worried your feelings might get hurt?

Goonan has previously worked on the films "The Jersey Devil" (2014), "Look Away" (2010), and "Smokers" (2008) as an actor, but is stretching his chops to include writing and directing with "Tune In To Goonan" (in which he also stars.)  Ostensibly based on his real-life experiences dealing with fellow actors, egos, and all the blows show business can rain down on the heads of the innocent, his new show delights in poking fun at the entertainment industry's trashiness and flashiness.

You can check out his youtube channel and website for more merry mayhem.  Don't fuhgeddaboutit!

Because art comes in many shapes, sizes, and smells.
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