Sucking Dox: Facial Recognition Software Used To Harass Porn Stars' Real Identities

Facial recognition software has long been touted as a necessary aide to combat crimes, from street-level surveillance up to complex police analysis of individuals' tattoos for identification.  Now, a piece of software that allows you to search for faces as easily as one might search for a cupcake recipe has backfired to those who don't really want to be identified...well, for their facial features, at least.

They sell their bodies for a living, which enrages those who'd never get a buyer,
or any kind of lover at all.
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According to Global Voices Advox, the new FindFace software was developed as a comprehensive means of facilitating communication between parties who may have met (or at least noticed) each other, but were unable to trade names and/or other social media handles.  While the base notion behind FindFace does seem like a temptation for the less scrupulous to start rocking their stalking skills, no one guessed it'd prove as devastating to certain parties as it has.

We'll give you a hint:  it's not hurting well-to-do businessmen.
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After a young artist brought about attention to the service by photographing strangers on the St. Petersburg subway and matching their faces to their Vkontakte (Russian Facebook) pages, the Russian version of 4chan (known as Dvach - "2chan") decided to de-anonymize a few of their favorite faces.

Of course, because the internet is merciless and surveillance technology is a Pandora's Box that will propel pervasive promiscuity whenever permitted, these faces belonged to porn stars.

Nice job, weirdos, now nobody will want to have their facial images searched
by prospective lovers who spotted them from afar in a crowd
or some other romantic shit like that.
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The women subjected to the FindFace frenzy then had their Vkontakte pages spammed from "admirers", as well as having their family members and friends messaged and dragged into the raunchy reveal.  Women who offered services via the prostitution website Intimcity were also outed regarding their activities.

Unfortunately, the doxxers who conducted the lack-of-panties raid were not doing so in celebration of the female form, rather, their attack was a highly modern method of slut-shaming.  Possibly because people with that much extra time on their hands aren't spending it wooing women, or even making enough money to afford to pretend a prostitute would care about them.

Neckbeards.  Damn those disgusting neckbeards.
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FaceFind founder Maxim Perlin made sure that Vkontakte removed a private group of users who shared screencaps of their exploits (preserved in case any of their targets' pages were taken down), and has reminded any unscrupulous users that distributing pornography illegally is a felony in Russia.

“We are making every effort to protect all Vkontakte users from potential malicious acts,” Perlin said. ”And we’re prepared, if necessary, to provide any information needed to find the users responsible for this harassment.”

Until the issue is resolved, a lot of Russian porn might start looking like this.
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