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Obtain a Student Visa to Study in the USA (PART 2)

Part Two:

This is our second post in our obtaining a student visa to study in the USA series. Your can read our first post here.

What is the Form I-20 and How to Receive it?

All F-1 visa category (and M-1) students that study in the USA need a Form I-20, "Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status". Once accepted into a Student and Exchange Visitor Program, international students will receive a Form I-20 from their designated school official (DSO). This will be one of the important Forms that you as the student should keep that safe as you will need it throughout your international student life.

Process to Obtain an I-20:
  1. Receive an I-20 application from the School via Email.
  2. Complete, Print, and Sign the application. 
  3. Recent Bank Statements from you or your sponsors showing that you are financially able to pay your school tuition, fees and life expenses for the years you plan on attending the school.
  4. Send a copy of your valid passport along with completed and signed I-20 application, and financial documents to designated school office (DSO) at the school you will be attending via Email.

This Stamp-Sized Explosives Detector Stops Bombers From Going Postal

Dangerous times call for crafty innovations.  When it seems like all hell could break loose at any moment, it's nice to know that somewhere, unseen tiny detectors are keeping you safe from the unimaginable horror of a random explosive detonation...

If only we could someday put this guy out of a job...
(Image courtesy

Group Sues DHS for Info on Its Alleged Power to Shut Down Communications Networks

From Infowars:
The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) has filed Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security, in response to a failure by the agency to release any documents pertaining to the “Emergency Wireless Protocols,” (Standard Operating Procedure 303 or “SOP 303″).

SOP 303 outlines exactly how the DHS would carry out a complete communications shutdown in the event of what it deemed an emergency situation.

EPIC explains in its complaint that the DHS has publicly stated that under SOP 303 an agency component “will function as the focal point for coordinating any actions leading up to and following the termination of private wireless network connections, both within a localized area, such as a tunnel or bridge, and within an entire metropolitan area.”

The DHS, led by ‘Big Sis’ Janet Napolitano, said recently that it was “unable to locate or identify any responsive records” on the matter.