Tides Turn In Favor Of Ocean-Floor Power Generator

Sustainable energy solutions sometimes require big ideas, but those ideas can make serious waves. In this case, literally. Recently, a massive tidal power generator in Wales has been unveiled, seeking to prove that seafloor-based power generation is an effective means of fueling the future.

The generator, which was created by the Welsh company Tidal Solutions Ltd., stands seven stories tall on dry land, but will soon be at the bottom of Ramsey Sound for a 12-month trial. During this time, the tremendous turbine will use tidal currents to generate power for the homes in nearby St. David.

According to the BBC, First Minister Carwyn Jones is a major supporter of the project, saying, "We need to show the world we are able to harness the considerable energy that exists in our seas and that we are able to develop the technology necessary to do that...This is a landmark project for Wales, which will not only help us to meet our sustainable energy ambitions, but will also provide significant opportunities for local people and businesses."

The 150-ton, 40kW device has been created to make the smallest impact on the environment as possible. If it is successful, eight other similar turbines will be constructed and added to the framework, creating a total 10MW energy-churning superstructure which could power 10,000 homes through the National Grid.

Surf's up!

If they eventually attempt the 9-turbine plan, don't go scuba diving in Wales.

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