"Shut Up, Devil!" App To Help Save Your Soul

In this crazy and cruel modern world, it doesn't seem like one can get very far without hearing the voice of the devil (or however you may perceive the forces of evil) taunting and tempting you.  Now, a new app promises to offer a means of fighting back by using the force of the Lord (the Christian one.  Other lords' advice may vary.)

As reported by charismamag.com, the free "Shut Up, Devil!" app is there for you when the powers of darkness threaten their worst.  Users can choose from a variety of troubling topics, or indicate their exact feelings by typing them in.  Shut Up, Devil! then provides a Bible verse appropriate to remedying the situation, as well as a retort to set loose on Lucifer.

"The lies the devil launches at you will no longer influence you," app creator Kyle Winkler states.  To drive the message home, Shut Up, Devil! also includes reminder alarms that can be programmed to send you to your "favorited" in-app scripture cards whenever you feel you may need support during the day...be it when you're waking up feeling a little evil or slamming down drinks at last call.

Tell the Prince of Darkness to get behind thee and show him who's really boss, all with just the power of your smartphone!

Hell no, I'm not making out on the Ferris Wheel with you!  

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