Your Security, Your Secretary, and Your Sacajawea: New "Smart" Motorcycle Helmet Protects, Takes Calls, Provides GPS

Do you enjoy motorcycling but long for the creature comforts (like hearing audible music, making phone calls, and monitoring rear-view cameras) afforded by some cars?  According to, the new Skully AR-1 "smart" motorcycle helmet will bring you the best of both worlds.

Skully, which was created thanks to a crowdsourcing initiative, has been heralded as "the helmet for the digital age," by Popular Science.  It was one of this year's top 10 inventions, according to CNN.  And if you don't believe the media hype, believe the masses:  the $250,000 development goal was met two and a half times one day.

Each Skully features an E-tint visor that acts as a heads up display, offering GPS maps and a 180-degree rearview camera (for watching our for rival biker gangs, obviously.)   An in-helmet Bluetooth connection allows for music and phone calls to be dealt with hands-free.  A 9-hour battery ensures you can go on long treks with your tech still intact.

This most badass of bike helmets comes in Matte Black (*insert Darth Vader noises*) or Gloss White, and currently retails for $1,399.  The first models ship in May 2015, so you still have some time to learn how to ride a motorcycle (unfortunately Skully is not quite smart enough to teach you...yet.)

Look, it's as close to an X-Wing pilot helmet as you're going to get for right now, okay?

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