ChairWare: New Exoskeletal Device Creates Front-Row Seats Anywhere

Upright workers of the world, your savior has arrived. It is called the Chairless Chair, and it is designed for one purpose only: to give you a chance to take a load off, whenever you need it.

The Chairless Chair, according to, was invented and developed by Keith Gunura, a 29-year-old who had had his fill of lengthy labor jobs causing him a pain in the neck (and back...and legs...and feet.) He created the company noonee to expand his idea of a portable, lightweight, wearable chair that would give you a break without breaking your workplace rules or concentration.

The device is simply strapped to the body at the waist and thighs using support straps, then is easily activated when the user desires to sit down. A 6-volt battery provides 24 hours of comfort, and also proper spinal configuration - something that your average day job probably doesn't care about.

Noonee CTO and co-founder Bryan Anastisiades explains, "In addition to resting your leg muscles, it also provides optimal keeps your back straight and can reduce the occurrence of bad postures for both healthy workers and those recovering from muscle related injuries."

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are a serious issue, with the U.S. Department of Labor reporting that such disorders were responsible for 33% of work-related injuries and illness in 2011. In Europe, 23 countries (a combined 40 million workers) reported physical troubles due to MSDs.

The 2-kilogram chair does not impede other motion, such as climbing stairs or moving rapidly.  It has a delightful array of available uses, from factory workers needing a quick reprieve on the crowded floor, to bartenders whose late nights grow too tiresome, to outdoor laborers who have no available seating, to higher-end jobs (Gunura even references surgeons) whose physical toll of their jobs shouldn't detract from the concentration (perhaps at rest) required to complete them.

The noonee chairs are not designed for extended use, so don't expect to be strapping a recliner to your butt anytime soon. However, the comprehensive effect of a quick sit-down could raise quality of life for laborers everywhere.

Get down with the Chairless Chair.

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