"Luddite Hipsters" Rejoice: Tom Hanks Has Created A Typewriter IPad App

Are you one of those retronauts who longs for the days of clacking keys and difficult deletes?  Are you even old enough to remember what a typewriter acted like?  Either way, Tom Hanks is bringing back the dubious heyday of typewriting, all via your suspiciously-slender and technologically-inclined iPad.

As theverge.com reports, Mr. Hanks has released a new app called "Hanx Writes" that replicates a frustration-free feel of the analog word processors.  Hanks, who is a devotee of typewriters (like some sort of sad spinoff of record collecting), has had his app reenact the moving pages and chattering keystrokes for the ultimate in what he calls "Luddite hipster" appeal.

The "crisp typeface" Hanks lauds is actually your standard typewriter font, with the added bonus of a "delete" button (although this can be turned off and replaced with the classic "XXXX" elimination...seriously.)

The app is free and was co-developed by the Hitcents agency.  So if you need an excuse to take up even more time working on your screenplay, now Forrest Gump is on your side.

Momma always said, "Life is like a box of a bunch of cumbersome letter and symbol keys that make a lot of noise and are hard to find ink for."

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