'Tis The Season To Be REALLY Jolly: Cyber Monday Deals From Darknet Drug Dens

Buying drugs is often a gamble; buying drugs online seems like you're asking for trouble.  However, for those with a need to fix and a healthy appreciation for the underworld-like dealings of the dark net, today is a particularly special day.

As reported by the International Business Times, even purveyors of illicit substances enjoy spreading their wares to the masses on the cheap for "Cyber Monday."  Care for an ounce of marijuana for only $200?  How about 50% off on LSD?  Perhaps a rewarding dose of suboxone for all orders over $50?  These deals and many more exist on the dark net's dealing pages, similar to the recently-raided Silk Road.  Despite crackdowns on these types of websites, the spirit of the season shines through.

Definitely leave cookies under this tree for Santa.  He's going to be jonesing for them.
(Image courtesy ukcia.org.)

Drugs aren't the only thing you can find as stocking stuffers on the dark net.  Deals on mobile phones, hacked website accounts, and even stolen credit cards also abounded as vendors tried to maximize their Xmas-season attention.

Benjamin Ali, a senior spokesman for Centient (a company which specializes in monitoring the dark net) explained, "Despite law enforcement efforts to take these sites down, we are starting to see an influx of adverts towards Black Friday with two of the remaining major markets currently boasting over 20000 adverts...These two marketplaces have seen a growth in both the number of vendors and adverts on these sites, mainly due to not wanting to miss out on trade."

So maybe this year, Rudolph's nose will be even redder, due to some discount cocaine. Maybe "Silver Bells" are a new brand of Ecstasy. Maybe you intend to bring a whole new meaning to "lighting the Christmas tree."  However you choose to celebrate, happy holiday season.

Maybe the Three Wise Men want to take the other Silk Road this holiday.
(Image courtesy subjectify.com.)

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